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Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS
US Interfering In Other Countries Elections
Dr. Koryagina Forecasts Sept. 11, Collapse Of U.S.
WW3 War-Woman, The Zionist Merkel
Islamic State Was Set Up By United States
US-Western Proxy Wars – Soldiers For Hire
Secret Docs: ISIL Planned For Syria Long Ago
Putin Predicted US Would Employ Assassination
Secession Movement – End Of The US Fed. Govt.
US Letting ISIS In?
ISIS On The Doorsteps Of Europe
US Denies Role In Islamic State In Syria, Iraq
US Coalition Spared ISIS Oil Production Facilities
Islamic State Confesses To Receive Funding
Greyerz: Total Global Collapse Coming
Press TV Interview: ISIS A CIA Creation
BRIC To Create ‘Fairer World Order’

Invasion Of Libya Planned Years Ago – The Proof
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An Open Letter To Governments And Public Media In Europe
FIGU | America and the Europa-land will tremble, when from the East, freedom comes with a hard hand, which is suppressed by America and Europe, which, however, will be punished by a hard lesson, for their world domination-sense, which they evilly harbor and thus put countries and peoples in dictatorships.

The Great Bear will come, which brings freedom, Russian Land that fights against and brings down the whole false-freedom hypocrisy, which in America and Europe rings out from many mouths, as in many other countries around the world; but the Bear from the East will eliminate it (Editor: the false-movement that is psychologically and physically abusing the people, masquerading as sweet words of freedom, democracy and security, often resulting in disappointments in the end – injustices against humanity) and reconcile the whole (world) to peace and freedom. Link: Continue

Extraterrestrials To Confront The US
| Quetzal: 214. And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialized countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. (Editor: Refer to page 656 about what Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski said in a prophecy told by the “King of the World” from Agharta.) 215. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorized by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality. Link: Continue

Vladimir Putin, The Great Leader Foretold Centuries Ago
BATTLE FOR WORLD | Nostradamus’ quatrain hinted at the arrival of Putin and the now unfolding strategic battle in the Middle-East. …This is an important step for President Putin to take. It is a logical and destined step written in prophecy. …Despite what America says, keep in mind that President Putin is an extremely “deep fixture” in prophecy. He’s an old soul and has his priorities straight. He knows what is important and what is not for the final outcome. He has a powerful cloak behind him. He was trained for this mission in all technical spheres and he knows who the real global enemy-aggressor is. …President Putin is clearing the way for the “Great Genius” who will come after him. A humanitarian group that will be steered by a special individual who will be concerned with healing the planet after the chaos is over. Link: Continue

US Quits ABM Treaty
| Nostradamus foretold long ago that the United States would withdraw from the ABM treaty. And what has unfold is the continuous movement for the breakout of new wars all over the world, with some great plan in mind for world domination. The name MABUS in Nostradamus’ Century 2, Quatrain 62 is referring to a “treaty” that the United States is involved in – the US-ABM treaty.
 Link: Continue

Russia Will Become A Powerful Force Against The West
BATTLE FOR WORLD | According to information from Billy Meier and his contactee friend Ptaah, if the United States and its allies continue to spread bellicose leadership around the world, Russia will go its own way with China, to create a better and friendlier world environment for the people. …“…According to your (the Plejarens) probability calculations, the superpower USA could come to an end after the year 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then, and if those who are the USA’s allies continue to dissociate from that country, or even become open enemies of that country…” Link: Continue

Governments, Militaries And Secret Services Control UFO-Alien Information
BATTLE FOR WORLD | After the start of the First World War in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson of the United States ordered a nondisclosure policy regarding extraterrestrial flying objects and implemented measures giving himself cover about what he had written. The consequences of the secret edict…whereby especially Roosevelt became a very influential instigator, putting forth a possible solution. He believed that fear of extraterrestrial conquerors should be incited to panic the public, and indeed using deceitful machinations together with the secret service, through which book authors would be influenced and threatened with death in order to start an extremely effective horror scenario agenda to unfold on the Earth.  Link: Continue

Mass Shooting Inside Texas Church; Mental Health At The Highest Level
BATTLE FOR WORLD | From an unsettled dispute, a man killed 26 people inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday (Nov. 5) using an armed assault rifle loaded with 15 magazines. President Trump from his trip in Asia commented on the mass shooting in Texas, blaming it on mental health, but what was interesting is hearing him say that “this is a mental health problem at the highest level.” Link: Continue

Homosexuality – The Cause
BATTLE FOR WORLD | Homosexuality has always existed in nature. What cause it? Each planet, based on its size, has to restrict the population number to a certain count. The Earth’s population conservative number limit is 500 million and the liberal number limit is 1 billion. When the limit is overridden, this creates a problem, because based on the population number limit, the Beyond fixes the number of years required for the full rest of the Spirit to digest its former life fully and in the process generates a new personality for its future physical life. Link: Continue

De-Dollarization: World Tired Of Funding US Military Adventurism
BATTLE FOR WORLD/RT |  One of the world’s top energy importers, China, is set to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year. Analysts call the plan, announced by Beijing in September, a huge move against the dollar’s global dominance. (BATTLEFORWORLD: And because China is pursuing this path the United States is using North Korea to put pressure on China. When the US says that China can do more about North Korea, it is a coded message to China to stop in its tracks regarding de-dollarization. Link: Continue

Human-Chimpanzee Hybrid Born In Florida Lab; Killed By Panicked Doctors
| Inside the bizarre world of human-chimp hybrids known as HUMANZEES – a renowned scientist is claiming that one such creation was born in a Florida laboratory before it was killed by doctors who panicked after realizing what they had done. Gordon Gallup, who coined the term ‘humanzee’, has claimed that his former university professor told him the bizarre account of a crossbreed that was born at a research facility 100 years ago. Link: Continue

The Fall Of America Will Happen
| (Updated) The people of America who elected Donald Trump to the presidency are hoping for a miracle regarding the ailing problems that plagues the country. But there is something that the people are unaware of:  After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the political hiccups in-between that led to Jimmy Carter and later Ronald Reagan, the financial elites in America started to implement “globalization policies” within the United States and worldwide (the ongoing foreign wars, and trade treaties. Link: Continue

The Coming Breakup Of The United Nations?
The United States appear as if it wants to control and direct the United Nations into supporting its geopolitical interests worldwide. And now Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. is becoming aware that opposition to the United States geopolitical and unilateral plans are not at all times accepted by the United Nations member body. The United States began to notify the United Nations about pending budget cuts, because Haley said that the generosity of the American people, but that should read “the ruling-elites”, is being taken advantage of. But much of what the United States is forcing the United Nations to do, no vote has ever been put to the American people asking for their approval. Link: Continue

Bitcoin – The Grand Deception
| If and when Bitcoin matures and become regulated which is the key, it will dominate the world when the US reshuffles its debt after the economic collapse and bring Dollar 2.0 online, the US Bitcoin- and peg it to oil transactions and other things like what is now done with the US Central Bank controlled fiat paper money the US Dollar. Bitcoin appears to be racing to become something global in the world governance currency transaction space. Link: Continue

Bitcoin Is A ‘Project Of US Intelligence,’ Kaspersky Lab Co-Founder Claims
| What Natalya said makes sense, because the computer revolution got ahead start in America in 1946. And so minds forecasting for the future, about computer integration into society, naturally would put forth ideas in many forms to help that process alone. And foresaw the need for digital currency after plastic credit/debit cards paved the way. And so cryptocurrency is the next link in the chain and Bitcoin will not be the only currency of that type. And Kaspersky Lab is sounding the alarm about a cryptocurrency Trojan virus that steals financial data. Link: Continue

This Is America – New Documents Reveal FBI, Homeland Security ‘Definitely At War With Black People’
| “I definitely think they’re at war with black people… as that article shows, they didn’t go after white supremacist groups with the same rigor,” Ragland told show hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon. “I think the fact is they see black folks as people to fear and they reinforce that and reinforce all kinds of racist tropes… and that paper that came out about the FBI targeting black people… seeing black identity groups as potential threats, I think it’s just continuing this kind of very myopic view of our groups and just racist views. It feels incomprehensible, but it just fits with history… we’ve seen this before.” Link: Continue

The Unbalancing Of The Global Order Has Shifted To A New Phase
Oracle: He does not understand them, he can’t,  to him they are variables in an equation, one at a time each variable must be solved and countered. That’s his purpose to balance the equation. (BattleForWorld: In the economic sense, President Trump is trying to balance the economics in the math, but there are deeply finer things that he does not understand.) Neo: And what’s your purpose? Oracle: To unbalance it. Neo: Why? What do you want? … (BattleForWorld: President Putin stands in the way of the globalist dictatorship ones – US, UK and EU.) Neo: Smith. (BattleForWorld: The architect’s assimilator into one world globalization. The movement is trying to assimilate everyone – into world governance, surveillance, etc.) Link: Continue

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica And Google Have Population Under Surveillance
| The UK defence ministry has been caught up in the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. The firm allegedly harvested the personal data of millions of Facebook users and exploited it for political goals
. Investigators from the Information Commissioner’s Office have searched the London offices of Cambridge Analytica and seized files and servers. The raid forms part of an investigation into its Facebook data harvesting. Link: Continue

The Ruling Elites Want A New World War – CrossTalk
| Peter Lavine: The media is just stenographers for power…and are trying to pick a fight with Russia. And look at the embarrassing reality of UK politics with Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister (Theresa May) themselves indicting Russia without any evidence whatsoever. Why?!  Because they work for the bankers (i.e. the Rothschilds, etc.) and another war is on order.
 Link: Continue

US And West Using Fake News To Start Nuclear War With Russia
| The poisoning of former Russian military intelligence (GRU) Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter, which took place in the British city of Salisbury, is a fake story being used for specific purposes… Campaigning Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has warned that the current propaganda war being waged by the West against Russia and China could escalate into a “real” war if it continues.
 Link: Continue

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Autism caused by gene damage from vaccine
US cities moving into real-time facial surveillance
US news media shifted to Fake News – says study
Trump Upset at Bolton to Pull Him ‘INTO A WAR’
US understands no military solution for Venezuela
US Military Force, Possibly Attack On Iran
Trump doesn’t want war with Iran
Pompeo: ‘I was the CIA director. We lied, we stole’
Bush Faction counter-blocking Zionists on Iran?
Blackwater Plotting Mercenaries for Venezuela
Israeli Commandos in Venezuela
FBI’s McCabe Tells Truth About Venezuela
CIA, MI6 help Ukraine’s SBU spy agency
Marco Rubio using bible for regime change
Christian Zionism Has Peaked
The Zionist Movement Unfolding In Plain Sight
Israeli envoy calls for criminalizing antisemitism
Former banker San Francisco confronts new reality
Antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ – killer than cancer

Bush family Deep State and President Trump called Truce
The Trump faction and the Bush faction had been at war for two years, OK. Number forty-one, George H. W. Bush was running the New World Order. He was the man in charge. He was calling the shots, right up to his death. He was the godfather. Then the family: the boys, the sons, did not want it after the father died. They did not want that mantle on them to continue the throne. There was an ultimatum that came at the funeral, directly after the funeral, and a truce was signed. Link: Continue

The Invasion Of Venezuela By The U.S. And Allies
| President Trump said U.S. military intervention was under consideration in an interview with CBS aired on Sunday (February 3). And said: “Certainly, it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option,” further adding that Maduro requested a meeting months ago. Where Trump said: “I’ve turned it down because we’re very far along in the process,” in a “Face the Nation” interview. “So, I think the process is playing out.”
 Link: Continue

Low Prevalence Of Autism Seen Among Israel’s minorities
| The article highlights that in Israel, a lower percentage of ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabic children are diagnosed with autism compared with the general population — and no one is quite sure why. … There is a belief that vaccines are damaging the DNA causing health issues such as autism.
 Link: Continue

Households And Homeless In The United States, As The World Struggles
| Two Americas emerging: one that is benefiting from thriving U.S. corporations, and the another that is struggling.  And it’s obvious that a large segment of the American people have not benefited.
 Link: Continue

Forcing President Trump To Support The Bombing Of Iran
 | And here we go again, another military adventure being planned by Israel and its financial shadow hands, to animate the United States, Britain, France and Germany to support and aid military action. And so the troika+1/three+1 musketeers are anxiously waiting for the next military blood battle in the Middle-East. …And now it’s the Republican’s turn with President Donald Trump, how he will be forced just as President Bill Clinton was, to support another unjust war – bombing raids on Iran.
 Link: Continue

Trump Imposes Tariffs On Chinese Imports; Sanction Companies; Accusing Beijing
| And so, it has started, the long awaited trade war with China, and later others. Trump is fulling his presidential campaign promise, saying that it was always about China, China, China.
 Link: Continue

Wildfires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods – Nature Disorder All Over The World
 | As politicians and political forces unleash their power, to see who can dominate the world, all sorts of madness are being let loose on lands and people. And the world is to experience erratic disorders of great magnitude for awhile – wildfires, firestorms (i.e. wildfires energized by wind which causes the fire to become hotter and spread faster), hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, volcanoes erupting, etc. – nature weapons.
 Link: Continue

Megadonor Calls For ‘Nuclear War’, And So Does Baroness De Rothschild
 | Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer said perhaps there could be a “nuclear war” that would provide a “real course correction” to Donald Trump’s presidency…
“…So if the answer is that we need those three things to happen for a course correction, I’d prefer to move a little quicker. How about that? But I take your point. Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction.” Link: Continue

The “Council of Seven Men” who make decisions for much of the world’s population
 | The secret council is made up of seven men, and today four of the members are in their very old age while the other three are younger. Before the younger family members came into the council it was only made up of old men close in age who saw geopolitics somewhat the same as their parents and for the most part have had their own way about dominating the world for many, many decades.
 Link: Continue

World War 3 Rehearsal – The Third World Fire Pending
| US Missile Defense Agency has been practicing shooting down a land-based medium-range ballistic missile, just as Washington prepares for its withdrawal from the cornerstone INF nuclear non-proliferation agreement..
 Link: Continue

Baroness De Rothschild Twitter Postings: Trump – Iran, Impeachment, Coup, Economic Crash, World War
 | As the Trump 2016 election campaign was coming to a close with voting scheduled in a couple days in November to decide the next United States president, a Twitter account with the username “Bss De Rothschild” was created with the user identifying as a member of the Rothschild banking family. The content posted by Baroness De Rothschild was informative, provocative, sometimes laced with threats, name calling, etc.
 Link: Continue

Nature Amassing Her Forces To Strike
As if the elements of nature are listening, warning the United States not to start the breakout of war, a series of earthquakes continue to strike in succession in the US states of California, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, etc. Apparently nature is very upset regarding what is going on with war fervor in the United Sates and the West, but the neoconservatives, the ruling elites and the Zionists don’t give a damn about nature, because they want war at all cost to bring about mass-destruction and world domination. And so, maybe nature won’t give a damn when she let loose her might element-forces upon the Earth. Link: Continue

Shadow Hands In Control: World Domination In Motion
It is now clear what is going on. The shadow ones in Israel with their allies are behind the warfare in Syria… The fabricated chemical attack by the militants backed by the West on April 7 and thereafter the event gained traction in western media to go to war. The Israeli military then launched a missile strike at the Syrian T-4 air base in Homs from Lebanese territory on April 9.  The staged chemical attack in Syria gained massive news traction in the West and brought together the UK, the US and France into taking unilateral action. The Israeli military had already opened the gateway launching the first strike and it was now the UK, the US and France’s turn. Link: Continue

Top Russian General Predicted Douma, Syria Provocation A Month In Advance
 | Today we have reliable information about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians. In several districts of Eastern Ghouta, a crowd was assembled with women, children and old people, brought from other regions, who were to represent the victims of the chemical incident. “White Helmet” activists and film crew are already in place at the scene with satellite video transmitters. This has been confirmed by the discovery of a laboratory for the production of chemical weapons in the village of Aftris, which was liberated from terrorists. According to reports, after this provocation, the U.S. plans to accuse Syrian government troops of using chemical weapons…
 Link: Continue

U.S., U.K. and E.U. Planning World War Based On Lies
 | With the United States, Britain, France, etc. neoconservatives being adamant to start what could be a world war based on lies, it is time for people to refresh their memory regarding survival knowledge – food, water, shelter, etc. And as the Russian Economist Dr. Tatyana Koryagina said, the ruling elites are afraid of nothing and have zero value for human lives, as seen in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Africa, South America, etc.
 Link: Continue

Donald Trump: Fools Attack Syria
On September 5, 2013, Donald Trump tweeted: “Again, to our very foolish leader (President Obama), do not attack Syria – if you do, many very bad things will happen and from that fight the U.S. gets nothing!” What has changed to make Trump an equal fool like President Obama? Link: Continue

US Plotting War In Syria Using Fake News
John Bolton and Mike Pompeo aren’t even yet approved by the US congress, which is a sure thing, and they have already started to push war plans into the open to attack Syria using fake news – instigating chemical attacks using militants. Many will have to concede that President Trump has been taken over by the warring neoconservatives and his psychology regarding meddling in foreign countries affairs will be the same as all the other US presidents that have participated in the endless world domination foreign policy wars. Link: Continue

John Bolton Threatened Then OPCW Director General Jose Bustani To Go After His Kids
 | John Bolton to OPCW Director General Jose Bustani: You have to resign and I give you 24 hours! This is what we want! And I said that no way, I don’t have any reason to do that; I don’t owe it to you, I was elected by acclamation by all the member states of the organization. It is only you the United States, they are challenging my management style. And he said, but then again I tell you, we have already discussed with your government that you should resign. I said, I don’t know of any agreement with my government. And then he (Bolton) said, OK so, there will be retaliation then, prepare to accept the consequences: WE KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE.
 Link: Continue

Effective Osteoarthritis Treatment
 | Osteoarthritis is becoming a widespread problem especially among adults over a certain age and effective long-term treatments or a cure in the United States, etc. is non-existent. For temporary relief, lasting months, from Osteoarthritis pain/inflammation, individuals are often treated with cortisone injection, which after so many treatments is avoided because the treatment does “not heal the structural damage” of the underlying pain that is affecting the joints and long-term use can cause problems.
 Link: Continue

Magnetospheric Protection From Galactic Cosmic Radiation For Long Space Missions
| An optimal shielding configuration has been realized during a phase I NASA NIAC study, and it is referred to as a Magnetospheric Dipolar Torus (MDT).A This configuration has the singular ability to deflect the vast majority of the GCR including HZE ions. In addition, the MDT shields both habitat and magnets eliminating the secondary particle irradiation hazard, which can dominate over the primary GCR for the closed magnetic topologies that have been investigated in the past.
 Link: Continue

US And West Using Fake News To Start Nuclear War With Russia
| The poisoning of former Russian military intelligence (GRU) Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter, which took place in the British city of Salisbury, is a fake story being used for specific purposes… Campaigning Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has warned that the current propaganda war being waged by the West against Russia and China could escalate into a “real” war if it continues.
 Link: Continue

Death Of US Dollar? China Launches Petro-Yuan To Challenge Greenback’s Dominance
| T
he highly anticipated yuan-backed crude oil futures have been launched in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest oil consumer, with eyes on rival benchmarks Brent and WTI as well as the US currency. Trading of the new oil futures contracts for September settlement started on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange at 440.20 yuan ($69.70) per barrel, reports Chinese daily the South China Morning Post. Link: Continue