Magnetospheric Protection From Galactic Cosmic Radiation For Long Space Missions

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NEXTBIGFUTURE – April 3, 2018: An optimal shielding configuration has been realized during a phase I NASA NIAC study, and it is referred to as a Magnetospheric Dipolar Torus (MDT).A This configuration has the singular ability to deflect the vast majority of the GCR including HZE ions. In addition, the MDT shields both habitat and magnets eliminating the secondary particle irradiation hazard, which can dominate over the primary GCR for the closed magnetic topologies that have been investigated in the past. MDT shielding also reduces structural, mass and power requirements.

During the phase I study the particle code to evaluate magnetic shielding of GCR evaluated a wide range of magnetic topologies and shielding approaches from nested tori to large, plasma-based magnetospheric configurations. It was found that by far the best shielding performance was obtained for the MDT configuration.