World War 3 Rehearsal – The Third World Fire Pending

FM Lavrov: Russia In Possession of U.S. War Plans

TRU NEWS – August 9, 2018 (posted July 30, 2018): Today on TruNews, we discuss the shocking statement made to Russian children by their senior diplomat, that the Kremlin is aware of Western military schemes against their nation, and no matter what, security and sovereignty will be duly protected. We also detail the predictable campaign currently underway to start Israel’s long-anticipated war with Iran, and how an Arab-NATO, backed by U.S. troops, is being sold as the new frontman for Jerusalem’s foreign policy. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “FM Lavrov: Russia In Possession of U.S. War Plans”.)

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Former US Intel Chief: Taiwan Should Practice Attacking China’s Liaoning Carrier

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 29, 2018: If China’s refurbished Liaoning aircraft carrier makes a voyage encircling Taiwan, leaders in Taipei should consider responding by conducting a simulated attack on the carrier, according to the former US director of national intelligence.

If the carrier sails around Taiwan, “Taiwanese forces should take advantage of its presence to conduct simulated attacks against the Liaoning, raising their own readiness and demonstrating the reality that the Liaoning is vulnerable under wartime conditions,” ret. US Navy Adm. Dennis Blair wrote in an August 22 post for Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.


Russia responds to US actions with Vostok-2018 military drills

TASS – August 28, 2018: The article highlights that these military exercises are meant “to cool down some hotheads”, Frants Klintsevich stated.

Large-scale strategic drills Vostok-2018 will serve as a response to unfriendly US policy concerning Russia. These military exercises are meant “to cool down some hotheads”, First Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Frants Klintsevich stated on Tuesday.

“The main goal of these grand military drills, the most large-scale ones since 1981, is to check the operational readiness of the Russian Armed Forces,” he told journalists. According to him, “such a check-up will be quite handy in the context of a very difficult situation in the world.” “First and foremost, I mean the unprecedented pressure that the US is exerting on Russia,” he noted.

“The 1981 drills, which I had the opportunity to participate in, cooled down some hotheads in their time. Now the upcoming Vostok-2018 drills will fulfill the same role,” the senator continued.


Deep State Pushing Donald Trump Into War

TRU NEWS – August 28, 2018: The Deep State is trying to push President Trump into war. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Deep State Pushing Donald Trump Into War”.)


Does the Deep State Have President Trump Cornered?

TRU NEWS – August 24, 2018: Host Rick Wiles and the TruNews team discuss the current political climate in Washington, D.C., and how the controversies manufactured by the Deep State surrounding President Donald Trump have him cornered and carrying out their warmongering agenda. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Does the Deep State Have President Trump Cornered?”.)


Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the United States on Friday (August 10) that sanctions it plans to impose in August over the ex-spy poisoning might be treated as a declaration of economic war.

Russian Prime Minister said that if some sort of ban on banking activities or currency ban was imposed on Russia — it would mean a declaration of economic war.

All I can say is: if they ban banking operations or the use of any currency we will call it a declaration of economic war. And we’ll have to respond to it – economically, politically or in any other way, if need be. Our American friends should make no mistake about it,” he said during a trip to the Kamchatka region. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare”.)


Russia-US economic war looms?

RT – August 11, 2018: Further tightening of US sanctions on Russia will be viewed as the start of economic war and Russia will have to react – economically and politically. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Russia-US economic war looms?”.)


US Dollar Becoming Risky Instrument For Int’l Payments – Russian Minister

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 12, 2018: The article highlights that the US dollar is becoming an unreliable tool for payments in international trade, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated in an interview.

The minister did not rule out the possibility to use national currencies instead of the dollar in oil trade.

“I do not rule it out. We have significantly reduced our investment in US assets. In fact, the dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes a risky tool for payments,” he noted.

Siluanov also pointed out that the government has no plans to shut American companies in Russia.

“Currently, we do not plan any restrictive measures or closures, for example, to close  McDonald’s, as these companies employ our citizens,” he said.

The minister’s statements come amid controversy around the dollar caused by a major financial spat between the US and Turkey.


Confrontation in Russia-U.S. relations is tightening as Washington uses the dollar as a tool to exert pressure

TASS – September 5, 2018: The article highlights that confrontation and strains in relations between Russia and the United States are growing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

“As for the political heat and rhetoric that go beyond what used to be considered as diplomatic courtesy not long ago, confrontation and strains are augmenting,” he said in an interview with the Bolshaya Igra (Big Game) on Russian Channel One TV.

“The United States initiated NATO’s movement towards our borders not merely through admittance of new members from among Russia’s neighbors but also in the format of deployment of military infrastructure along our borders,” he said.

And that Washington is using the dollar as a tool to exert pressure in violation of its liabilities, Lavrov added.

“The most vivid example [of the rules U.S. is inviting to be guided] is the dollar, the international currency system. Is it a rule? I think it is. Everyone has accepted it, has been living with this rule for years hoping the U.S. would respect its liabilities of the issuer of this key global reserve currency,” he said.

“What is now happening to the dollar? Washington is manipulating the dollar at its discretion,” he added.

According to Russia’s top diplomat, the United States is using the dollar as an instrument when “it wants to punish anyone.” “They immediately stop servicing any dollar-denominated banking operations. Notably, they do that not only in respect of a country they want to punish but also in respect of all others who has these or those relations with it,” he noted.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asks Why U.S. Funds ‘Unlimited War’ But Not ‘Medicare For All’

HUFFPOST – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued Wednesday (August 8) that Congress seems to have no money when it comes to paying for “Medicare for all” but plenty to support “unlimited war” and tax cuts for billionaires.

(BattleForWorld: I hope Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez realize that both political parties do this, support unlimited wars. And if she was ever elected president she would follow into the same path pushed on her by the elite puppet masters.)

In an impassioned interview with Chris Cuomo, the Democratic congressional candidate said people are too heavily focused on “the sticker shock of Medicare for all but we do not talk about the sticker shock of our existing system.”

Health care for everyone in this country “is not a pipe dream. Every other developed nation does this ― why can’t America?” the 28-year-old asked on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”


China warns US Navy in South Sea: ‘Leave immediately’

EXPRESS – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that the Chinese military told a US Navy plane flying over the highly-disputed island in the South China Sea to “leave immediately”.

The US Navy P-8A Poseidon jet was flying at 16,500 feet to get a view of low-lying coral reefs that have been turned into garrisons with five-storey buildings, large radar installations, power plants and runways sturdy enough to carry large military aircraft.

The crew was warned six times by the Chinese military to get out of their territory. A voice said: “US military aircraft, this is China … leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding.”

Each time the aircraft was challenged by the Chinese military, the US Navy crew’s response was the same: The repsonse was: “I am a sovereign immune United States naval aircraft conducting lawful military activities beyond the national airspace of any coastal state.

“In exercising these rights as guaranteed by international law, I am operating with due regard for the rights and duties of all states.”


Russian lawmaker suggests deploying nuclear weapons in Syria to respond to US sanctions

TASS – August 24, 2018: The article highlights that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines, according to Vladimir Gutenev.

The US policy of putting pressure on Russia has crossed the “red line,” and Moscow should think about an asymmetric response, such as the deployment of its tactical nuclear weapons abroad, a senior Russian lawmaker told TASS on Friday (August 24).

I believe that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines.’ The time has come to ponder on variants of asymmetric response to the US, which are now being suggested by experts and are intended not only to offset their sanctions but also to do some retaliatory damage,” said Vladimir Gutenev, the first deputy head of the economic policy committee of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament.

Among such measures, the official named the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, such as Syria, the use of gold-linked cryptocurrencies for Russian arms exports and the suspension of a number of treaties with the United States, including on non-proliferation of missile technologies.