Israel At The Crossroads

Israel President: Climate of Vicious Hatred Could Spark Assassination. Israeli Jewish Factions at War

BATTLE FOR WORLD / JERUSALEM POST | November 13, 2019: It appears that factions of Israeli Jews are feuding over the country’s future, and President Reuven Rivlin broke his silence while speaking at the Ner Yitzhak ceremony which marks the official beginning of a series of annual memorial events on the anniversary of Rabin’s death on Sunday (November 10) saying: …Vicious hatred could spark political assassination.

(BattleForWorld: As if the Likud Party [Zionist fanatics] is threatening the Labor Party?)

That the climate of vicious hatred and provocation caused from opposing political ideologies (Netanyahu’s Likud Party and the opposition – the Labor Party), which is now spreading through Israel and permeating into the next generation and could trigger another political assassination, said President Reuven Rivlin and Dalia Rabin, the daughter of slain prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

At the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, a massive memorial rally is held annually on the Saturday night closest to the anniversary of the murder, dated according to the Gregorian calendar.

Israel’s former deputy defense minister Dalia Rabin, about conspiracy theories regarding her father’s assassination, said: In the past she ignored them, but that the present circumstances has compelled her to respond that her father was killed by a Jewish person who was spurred by a different political ideology.

Dalia issued a warning that the nation of Israel should wake up before it’s too late. And Rivlin points to social deterioration into hatred, provocation and bloodshed that followed Rabin’s assassination, and it’s important not to to ensure that such a phenomenon occurs again – especially on the grounds of political ideology.

Rivlin said that we must not forget the social deterioration into hatred, incitement and bloodshed that preceded Rabin’s assassination, and to do everything in our power to ensure that such a phenomenon never occurs again – referring to Israeli political ideology hostility.

And emphasized that: “This is not our way; this is not the way of the people of Israel,” he declared. “We have to be cognizant of the destruction we could wreak with our own hands.”

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Will Netanyahu win Prime-Ministership of Israel in the Third Reelection Attempt?

BATTLE FOR WORLD | January 9, 2020: It is the motto of the neocons to call for elections and if they don’t win, to repeat again. This bunch will do anything to stay in power.

In several months time Israelis will go to the poles again to cast their votes to elect a new prime minister. And the third attempt could be the one that elects Netanyahu officially as prime minister of Israel.

Him winning the election, voices in the background are asking, will this be an omen for Israel? Because the political factions in Israel are not a monolith and some do have opinions and grievances with Zionism.

Will the world see Israel again engulfed in a political schism, a repeat of Rabin?

Some voices in Israel would rather Netanyahu bow out from Israeli politics, but he’s impelled to stand the course to deliver whatever it is that he’s so determined to accomplish for the elites.


Case against Netanyahu includes billionaire witnesses

BATTLE FOR WORLD / AP | December 3, 2019: Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Monday (December 2) officially submitted the indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, detailing a sweeping case involving over 300 people, including a number of well-known billionaires that could be called to testify.

The parliament’s legal adviser issued a notion that could give the prime minister several months to seek immunity from the Knesset, delaying trial, which raised the likelihood that the people of Israel could be heading to the election polls for the third time in a year.

Helping Netanyahu, the conclusion by the courts would not receive the indictment until after a ruling on immunity, possibly putting any trial on hold for months.

Some of the charges against Netanyahu include accepting $200,000 in gifts such as cigars and champagne from two billionaires, Hollywood-based Israeli movie mogul Arnon Milchan and Australian tycoon James Packer.

And the court ruling also gave Netanyahu another reason to allow the parliament to dissolve next week. The decision regarding a new election would allow him additional time in office and also give him the opportunity to secure a more sympathetic parliament.


Netanyahu defiant – as Israel on the edge of political chaos. US to strike Iran

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | November 23, 2019: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls the charges against him an attempted coup.

(BattleForWorld: The message that is obvious is that factions of Jews in Israel and abroad are feuding over the country’s future. You have the Zionist faction backing Netanyahu, who wants him to stay in power, and you have the opposing faction of Rabin pushing back, not wanting the Zionists to push Israel over the edge to bring about the final deciding judgement of an all-out World War 3, because the Zionist power block in America and Israel are now actively pushing, provoking Iran, for the United States to launch a military strike. The Zionists are determine that Netanyahu has to be Prime Minister when this event eventually materializes.)

Meanwhile, in the United States, President Trump shadowed by the disguise of a coup by the Zionists, his feet being held to the fire by impeachment to carryout a strike on Iran.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz called Netanyahu “a self-absorbed tyrant”. And it becomes evident that a faction of opposing Jews see the great darkness ahead for Israel if Netanyahu remains in power and want him out.

Segments of Israeli citizens are talking about protests and boycotts against Netanyahu, instead of voting in a third election.

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Netanyahu charged in corruption cases, deepening Israeli political disarray

BATTLE FOR WORLD / NEWS TRUST | November 21, 2019: After many months of suspense by the Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, on Thursday (November 21), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was charged with bribery, breach of trust and fraud. The criminal indictment is likely to plunge Israel deeper into political disarray.

The decision announced was the first of its kind against a serving Israeli prime minister, representing a serious crisis in the political career of the man popularly known as “Bibi” who has shaped and implemented Zionist policies with Israel attacking its neighbors (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, etc.), which has led to thousands of death and bloodshed, as the United States gives its support.

Serving as prime minister since 2009 he has dominated Israeli politics and during the investigations denied wrongdoing in three corruption cases and referred to allegations as a political witch hunt and that he was the victim.

No immediate threat to Netanyahu from the indictment is foreseen to disrupt his decade-long hold on power, but his grip was loosened by elections in April and September (2019), from which neither the right-wing Likud leader nor centrist challenger Benny Gantz secured a governing majority. Both candidates failed to form a new government and the stalemate sets the stage for a possible third election within a year. And as possible new election looms, Netanyahu could secure parliamentary immunity from prosecution.

Netanyahu will remain as prime minister and is under no legal obligation to resign once charged. The opening trial as a result of the indictment could be delayed for months.

“These are harsh dark days in the annals of the State of Israel,” President Reuven Rivlin said.

The prolonged political dark cloud continues to set over Israel as domestic and international challenges remain.

What Netanyahu could be hoping for is to widen conflict with arch-foe Iran, pulling President Trump along into war.

But in the Jerusalem Post are words to Netanyahu: “It is time to step down”.


Ultra-religious community growth existential threat to Israel

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | November 18, 2019: From the introduction of the Balfour Declaration plan recognizing the Sate of Israel, the country has been embroiled in decades of conflict as the Palestinians see what remains of their land taken away.

But now Israel is facing the threat of economic demise, if current demographic trends continue unchanged. An Israeli think-tank has issued a stark warning, saying that the country’s growing ultra-Orthodox population is at the heart of coming problems.

The focus is on the current generation of ultra-Orthodox students in school as many are not signing up for subjects such as English, math, science, etc. And with more then 1 in 3 uneducated in secular subjects, Israel’s future economy looks bleak as some of the ultra-Orthodox students are unemployable as adults. And Israel in the year 2020 will have a quarter of its student population unable to work and this will be a threat to Israel’s future.

A rabbi noted that religious people don’t need an expensive car, a huge house, etc. as they are more happy with the modest things in life.

Israel is one of the world’s most danger regions as it requires a first world economy to sustain a modern effective army to continue existing.


‘Fed Up’ Likud Voters May Oust Netanyahu to Avoid Third Israeli Election

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | October 1, 2019: Israel’s Blue and White Party, led by Benny Gantz, announced on Wednesday (Sept. 2) that they would not meet with negotiators from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party on the day originally planned, reason given was that conditions for a productive meeting among the negotiation teams were not achieved.

Political analyst Mitchell Plitnick appeared on Radio Sputnik with some insights:

“First of all, I was [surprised] at how many people seem to think that a third election was not possible, that there was going to be a clear path for someone to form a government at the end of this. The polling numbers never suggested anything of the kind – not even close,” Plitnick commented to hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon, and noted that neither Blue and White nor Likud had a chance of reaching the 61-seat majority necessary to form a government.

Further commenting that “the real question is: is Likud going to rise up and vote Netanyahu out of the leadership, which would then open the door for that unity government? Right now, that can’t happen. Netanyahu’s support remains too strong within the party, but I think if it starts to become apparent that there’s going to be a third election, and I think most people are not really considering that possibility … if people sense that more and more Likud voters are going to go to other parties, they may rise up against Netanyahu,” said Plitnick, and that such a scenario may actually make justice for Palestinians even more challenging.

(BattleForWorld: Others have suggested that if Netanyahu and Gantz managed to form a coalition government taking turns sharing the Prime Minister position, the possibility exists that Netanyahu could instigate dirty tricks to get rid of Gantz. The word is that Netanyahu is not to be trusted. And he’s determine to be at the helm when the United States is finally manipulated to attack Iran to clear the way for World War Three.)

Listen to “Will Israelis Tolerate A Third Election?” on Spreaker.


Israeli PM Netanyahu Tells President Rivlin He Can’t Form Government

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | October 21, 2019: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has informed Israeli President Reuven Rivlin who gave him until October 23 to form a new government that he’s unable to form a governing coalition between the Likud party nor Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party. And so Rivlin is expected to name another nominee with a strong chance of creating a coalition.

“Ever since receiving the mandate [to form a government] I have worked relentlessly … to establish a broad national unity government. This is what the people want”, Netanyahu said in a video posted on Facebook, and noted that efforts to “bring Gantz to the negotiation table … and prevent another election” have failed, and that the leader of Blue and White “refused time after time”.