New Wave Of Information War Attack On Russia And China

UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 23, 2020: Well, even through the coronavirus COVID-19 is making the rounds inside the US with dire reports, if they are to be believed, the United States does not turn away the opportunity to create mischief.

Readers, according to a source, the story about Russia firing on a satellite is a cover story that leads to something bigger! And according to the source, the US and Israel are involved in the thick of it. More information to read here.

In the meantime, according to the cover story, both the US and the UK are simultaneously accusing Russia of testing a weapon-like projectile in space that could be used to target satellites in orbit. In a press release by the US State Department, the recent incident is describing the use of “what would appear to be actual in-orbit anti-satellite weaponry” and they are concern.

Russia’s defence ministry then reported later that it was using new technology to perform checks on Russian space equipment.

In the first release of the cover story back in February 2020, the US was raising concerns in media about new Russian satellite activity and has now decided to use the cover story to cover up something.

In a statement released Thursday (July 23) the US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-proliferation, Christopher Ford, accused Moscow of hypocrisy, saying that, after it had wanted arms control to be extended to space. That “Moscow aims to restrict the capabilities of the United States while clearly having no intention of halting its own counter-space programme.”*

*(BattleForWorld: But according to a source, no hypocrisy move like that happened.)

Also the UK has made accusations for the first time about Russian test-firing in space. And just days prior an inquiry was released by the UK government about a “badly underestimated” threat posed by Russia.

Source, BBC.

Satellite firing from space.


COVID-19 vaccine | A panacea or a chance to take shots at Russia?

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 22, 2020: Russia has announced that it has successfully completed trials of a COVID-19 vaccine. However, the United States did not take the news too well, because Western media went into attack mode accusing Russia of stealing their coronavirus vaccine research. 

The US saying this is like stealing answers from a test you haven’t yet taken. Since the US, officially, has no working vaccine, what is there to steal?


US Orders China to Shut Down its Houston, Texas Consulate in 72 Hours

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 22, 2020: The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it was asked by the United States to close down its consulate in Houston, Texas. Beijing promises to retaliate if the decision is not reversed.

The US abrupt demand to shut down the consulate is seen as an “unprecedented escalation” of hostilities, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters. 


China Considers Closing US Consulate in Wuhan, Reports Claim

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 22, 2020: Earlier in the day, the US government ordered the closure of China’s Consulate General in Houston, Texas. In a move The US State Department said was aimed to ‘protect American intellectual property’.

In retaliation, China is considering shutting down the US consulate in Wuhan for Washington’s order to close the Chinese diplomatic mission in Houston, Reuters reported on Wednesday (July 22).


Is Russian influence in the UK now the ‘new normal’?

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 22, 2020: The television network RT talks to Martin McCauley, author and Russia analyst, regarding the recently published report on alleged Russian interference in the UK’s political process.