United States On The Edge – Part 2

1. United States On The Edge – Part 1

George W. Bush warns of threat of domestic terrorism. Is the collapse of the United States near?

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 12, 2021: On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, where terrorists attacked United States buildings in New York and Washington, DC, former U.S. President George W. Bush warns of a new danger coming from within the country.

Saudi Arabia has Issued a preemptive statement of innocence regarding 9/11. And stated that the “Previous declassification of materials relating to the September 11 attacks … only have confirmed the 9/11 Commission’s finding that Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with this terrible crime,” the Saudi Embassy in the U.S. released in a written statement Wednesday (September 8). “It is lamentable that such false and malicious claims persist.” 

(BattleForWorld.com: The persisting thought lingers, these fantastic and bodacious attacks happening, with quick guilty verdict airing on television as to who the attackers are. Is there a motive behind the quick to blame action? Does this has anything to do with ‘blackmail’ at some point? Obviously Saudi Arabia is an important geopolitical chess piece in the Middle East as the West pushes their hands? All these fantastic attacks had to be planned years in advance?)

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come, not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within,” said Bush on Saturday at the 9/11 memorial site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania marking the anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.

(BattleForWorld.com: Thoughts are lingering, because here Bush is saying that from evidence new dangers are coming from within. If there’s already evidence that means some type of surveillance is already active? – The attack that the vague reference is alluding to, will this further affect the United States society as we know it, in a negative way? We are already witnessing the ‘breakdown’ of the United States due to internal political discord where the leadership has become disappointing, shameful and insulting. As most of these political officials and leaders are college educated with all sorts of fancy resumes and kiss-ass references albeit behaving like puppets. Does the United States still has a truly functioning government or is it all now just acting? Is the next stage ‘disintegration’? This can only happen from some type of internal shaking to affect the very fabric of U.S. society? And the next stage after, is ‘dissolution’. Is there a master plan to destroy the United States as we know it? – The British historian Arnold Toynbee in his monumental work titled “A Study of History” published in 1934, wrote that civilization passes through several stages before collapsing. – Send In The Clowns, here.)

According to the U.S. Homeland Security, the new threats include those posed by domestic terrorists, individuals and groups engaged in grievance-based violence, and that these said ones are those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorists and other malign foreign influences. And it appears that social media will play an active role of what is to come or materialize. That there are those who exploit online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity. Such activities said Homeland Security are causing threats to be exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic*, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.

*And Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (here) said the following: “…It seems that all the policies that are being enacted globally by so-called leaders are designed to maintain the narrative of fear and isolation. If you studied any psychological techniques of psychological warfare, which I have, – prolong fear couple together with human isolation leads to a psychological decompensation of a person and makes them extremely gullible and easy to manipulate until the course of action that you want them to participate in.”

(BattleForWorld.com: I guess the old plan regrading foreign terrorists have been used up?)

All these warnings are being issued as if something is expected to breakout soon? Here we have Robert O’Neill, a former member of the US SEAL Team Six and the man credited for killing the al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, he’s warning that a threat may be facing the the United States at home, in a Fox News interview. His biggest concern is “the division in this country”. And says, “Most people are good to each other. But the anger and the division gets the ratings, and that’s what people hear. A lot of people know if they keep people divided they can stay in power and it’s wrong”.  “We can disagree with each other but we’re on the same team when it all comes down to it”. 

Posting: The corona-virus is integrated into the collapse of the U.S. economy, (here).

Sources: Trust, USnews, DHS, SputnikNews.


US Agreed To Cede Afghanistan To Taliban Nearly Two Years Ago

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 19, 2021: Columnist of the geopolitical magazine Limes and expert on US affairs, Dario Fabbri, from Italy, said that the US had reached an agreement with the Taliban to cede Afghanistan back 18 months ago. That means the deal was made approximately two months into the Biden administration, but it was the Trump administration that started the talks. (BattleForWorld.com: Every time the plan for troops withdrawal from Afghanistan was announced when Trump was president, talking-heads in media friendly to Washington DC influential lobby would always disagree with the plan.) 

“I should say that the United States made a decision to pull out its troops a long time ago. First of all, they clinched a deal with the Taliban on the country’s handover 18 months ago.” And that “They (i.e., the Taliban) jumped at the opportunity and brought the deal to the logical conclusion. And very fast, clearly causing confusion in Washington [DC].” “But this does not mean that this is not the result that the United States had wished to see and worked on,” said Fabbri.

Sources: Tass, Rand, WSJ.


Is The United States Preparing To Undergo Economic Collapse? The Corona-virus Is Integrated Into The Collapse Of The U.S. Economy

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 17, 2021 (updated): Glen Beck in a video posting on YouTube commented about “Why Biden’s Afghanistan failure wouldn’t have happened under Trump”, I paused for a second and realized that many minds are not understanding that President Trump was gifted, by the ruling elites, to begin collapsing the United States – economically, politically, etc. Some have used the term “decommission” for this as well.

Before Trump was elected president, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, etc. were sending messages about some type of virus that would appear at a future time and whoever was the president when that happens will have to deal with the problems that arise.

The corona-virus breaks out in December 2019 and started to spread very quickly, with many asking the question: how did it proliferate so fast, – then came the lockdowns – global lockdowns with many people staying home with only the essentials working. (Note: Comments from an elite source in 2009. See below.) 

In the Trump presidency they started to announce the pullout of troops from Syria; a decrease of troops in Iraq; troops pullout from Turkey, etc. But always the U.S. politicians friendly to Israel would try to block these moves from going forth in a successful way.

The U.S. under President Biden has started to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. And Britain, Germany, France, etc. are saying that they are also pulling out troops. The pulling out of troops from other parts of the world is going to continue because the U.S. can no longer afford the cost of overseas deployment stations.

Chinese state media is saying that the United States will ‘abandon’ Taiwan, too, ‘once a war breaks out’.  CNSnews quote, “A Chinese state mouthpiece reacted to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Monday by saying the crisis has dealt a severe blow to U.S. “hegemony,” and suggesting allies like Taiwan should be careful about placing their trust in the U.S.”

And China pokes at Taiwan as the United States wobbles from their Afghan defeat: “Once war comes, the island will collapse and the U.S. won’t come to help”, says China’s state media.

The United States is materializing at its own pace the fact that it’s going into economic collapse. The corona-virus saga in the U.S. is causing a lot of schizophrenic behavior among the people – with them not getting accurate information to secure themselves from the corona-disease, etc. and things are getting very disorderly, divisive, etc. and serves as distractions from the fact that the United States is collapsing.

Comments from an elite source in 2009 about the pending collapse of the United States

According to the source in the year 2009 before there was ever talk about Martial law and staying in your homes, etc.: All debts – personal, state, municipal, federal, national – will be cancelled. That there is no money, as in bankruptcy – the economic collapse of the United States; so lets start with a clean slate. To keep utilities functioning such as light/electric, gas, water, etc., show up at your work site and be willing to work. We are becoming a “volunteer society”, the source says. And that many would probably rebel against the volunteering society concept and so Martial law would have to be implemented. Many people will have to stay in their homes because no one would be able to come after them anyways. People will stay in their homes if they lost their mortgage; lets organize vegetable gardens because food is not coming in as efficiently anymore – meaning food shortage. Neighborhood meetings become popular – many will go to the airport to get humanitarian food. Town hall meetings in airports. – There will be no support for bankruptcy reorganization of the Federal Reserve. The shut-off of the Swiss Transfer mechanism. (BattleForWorld.com: So this pending collapse that is coming for the United States, many countries tied into the western economic money transfer system will be affected until a new international payment system is setup, and one that is not controlled by the West.) The elite source continues: When the economic collapse is officially acknowledged into the open, everybody will be laid-off. All debts have been cancelled. – People loosing their homes, bank accounts and everything. (BattleForWorld.com: I assume some will in the beginning stage of the U.S. economic collapse.) How do you get people to realize that all the participation they did for many decades in the election process was a put-on/show? – It had nothing to do with them losing their jobs, bank accounts, losing their homes, losing everything (- meaning, you voting for this person or that person into government offices who you think will fix the problems relating to creating more jobs, the bad economy, failing banks, homeowners defaulting, etc.). – The juggling [i.e. Wall Street speculation, etc.] of the other guy’s [i.e. countries] economy is constant – goes up today and down tomorrow. Global chaos – everybody is acting [i.e., the planned breakdown, economic collapse, etc.], but it has to be good theater. (BattleForWorld.com: What the source is saying is that there was always a plan to take down the economy.)

(BattleForWorld.com: Then some years later, in 2014, an article was posted by the news site Zerohedge.com with the title “Canada’s Head Central Banker Has A Modest Proposal: “You Should Consider Working For Free””. Refer to “sources”, here.)

The corona-virus is integrated into the collapse of the U.S. economy. And it’s the subjective opinion of some that the side effects from the Western vaccines is an ongoing process to damage the immune system, so people can die off quickly. It seems to be because of the chaos that the economic collapse will bring: Millions of people in the United States are going to get hungry and starve due to the breakdown in food supply and manufacturing systems; lawlessness; a massive increase in crimes; the collapse of the central government in Washington DC; state governments barely functioning with some state governments on the verge of collapsing, etc. And so a period of holocaust behavior will appear again. When that time materializes there will be no one to stop it, because the functioning states bodies for security, law and legal matters have all collapsed.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, “enhanced”, the free PDF book: Download and read: Economy Collapse; States Against USA Will Be Seen As A Threat, page 1415. Russia’s Dr. Koryagina Forecasts Sept. 11, Collapse Of America, pages 673, 692.  The Economic Collapse Has Happened, page 1458.  The USA Collapses After 2020 – Government And Economy, page 1479.  United States Government Has Collapsed, page 1480.  The aristocrats implementing genocide to cull the population, page 1489. Note: Use the page number display located at the top of the page to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book – Volume 1)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: Collapse Of Earth’s Technology And Society, page 395. If The USA Collapses, China Next World Power, page 506. What Will Happen If The United States Collapses, page 508.  Big business to destroy the economies of other countries, page 520. Extermination for all who did not enter by conversion, page 523.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(Note: Corrections and updates to the article is available from the original posting site battleforworld.com)

Sources: RT, CNSnews, YouTube – Glen Beck, ZeroHedge – Work for free / alternate link.


Trump Sets Up Post-Presidency Office in Florida – ‘Champion for the American People’

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | January 26, 2021: On the morning of the Inauguration Day, the former US President Donald Trump has relocated to Florida where he’s expected to call the Sunshine State his official residence.

And on Monday (January 25) Trump established his first post-presidency office in the state of Florida’s Palm Beach County, a move some are reporting to serve in releasing press statements and create a formal platform in which to set up public appearances.

In a press statement announcing the developments, the newly-formed “Office of the Former President” disclosed that Trump’s communications headquarters will be managing “correspondence, public statements, appearances and official activities to advance the interests of the United States.”

In Addition, the announcement noted that the office will also “carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.” Stating that “President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American people.”

So far former President Donald Trump gave nothing away regarding his plans for life after the White House. He was seen at his golf club on Friday (January 22) dining with friends, and was asked by a reporter from the Washington Examiner about plans, and said: “We’ll do something, but not just yet,” and shortly after an aide to the former chief executive then swooped in and quickly, but politely, ended the interaction.

Trump playing golf in Florida.


Trump, no going back, and Biden, no going forward – (all about the U.S. 2020 presidential election)

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | January 18, 2021 (updated): This morning a long time source revealed a very short blurb in a cryptic coded message.

The message says: Two places we are not going, is, 1. BACK, and the other is, 2. FORWARD.

I am interpreting it to mean that Trump will not return (or the votes will not be reverted) and Biden will not forward, into the White House (or no going forward because of the election results discord – 01/21/2021). We are stuck – for there will be some weeks/months of twists-and-turns as things are sorted out.

Did the seer Nostradamus foresaw this stalemate election event in the United States long ago? Excerpts from the book “Conversations with Nostradamus, Volume 1, by Dolores Cannon – printed in the year 1989”. (Note: When this type of information is read by some, they expect everything said to be 100% as in the current event that unfolded, but it does not always work like that. A reader emailed saying that the electoral count was not even close. And the reply to the reader was to keep in mind that they likely altered the count to prevent a close-call as in the Gore-Bush recount, because it was so close with the Supreme Court giving the win to Bush jr. And maybe the Democrats did not want that to happen again.)

The bones of the feet and the hands locked up,
because of the noise the house is uninhabited for a long time.
Digging in dreams they will be unearthed,
the house healthy and inhabited without noise.

B: He is saying that this refers to various events in American history, and some events to come. This is one of those quatrains with several interpretations. He says the house refers to the White House. One of the associations with this quatrain, one of the things he was seeing that he did not bring out very strongly, was the events of Watergate. The reason why he didn’t bring it out very strongly is that the quatrain is associated with other events that seem to be more major and more important. He thought the people needed to be warned against these, rather than just the events of Watergate. He wanted to give them a hint about Watergate because that would be a bad thing to have happen, but not necessarily avoidable. In secret the presidents of the supposedly free country have been steadily abusing the power to a greater and greater extent. And something needed to happen to shake them up and to shake up the people so they wouldn’t be so complacent. But he says it also refers to events in the future. There will be a time in another period of great social unrest, even more major than the social unrest that occurred during the Viet Nam era, to where due to a – the concept he’s trying to put across is a combination of two concepts that cannot be explained in one or two words. He first shows the concept of a hung jury, so that a sentence cannot be decided upon in court, but he’s applying that concept to an election. A hung election with the nation being the hung jury, and with the vote being very finely divided between two different men for president. The electoral college will not be able to make the decision either because the vote will be so even, so finely divided throughout the entire nation, that it will temporarily freeze the processes of democracy. The hands and feet, the very core of the operation, that is the election, will be locked up, frozen. He says the people will be clamoring for whichever candidate they voted for and it will cause a great noise across the entire nation. It will be a touchy subject due to the world situation in general at the time. Thus, if one or the other candidate is put in office it would be at the risk of causing another civil war or at least a revolution. He says it will be a time of great social pressure, social unrest, and even more explosive than during the Viet Nam era. It will be a while before they work out a compromise and hold another election to come up with a candidate acceptable to all, one who can be installed in the White House without the threat of all the noise and confusion and such caused by a revolution or a civil war or what-have-you. (Note: click/tap on the text “Show More” below to continue reading the rest of the Quatrain.)

Show More - The Interpretation of the Nostradamus Quatrain

D: What does “digging in dreams” mean?

B: He says that in the process of trying to find a solution to the problem there will be a lot of oratory. Bringing up a lot of concepts about patriotism and love of country and such, and bringing up the dreams of the founding fathers of the nation.

I thought this could possibly happen in the 1988 presidential election. In 1987 there was no clear-cut favorite candidate who could successfully carry an election. When Bush and Dukakis were announced, it was met with lukewarm enthusiasm. But the hung jury concept did not materialize as George Bush was elected to the office of President. So it appears that this strange prophecy describes an event that is still in our future. How far we can only speculate.

D: But you said it could also refer to Watergate because of the confusion?

B: Yes. He says if you would like he will give a few of the associations of Watergate but he doesn’t feel that it is essential. He says that in the case of Watergate, the bones of the hands and feet being locked up together refers to the president abusing the powers of the CIA for the interests of his political party against the other political party. It was like cutting off your hand or cutting off your nose to spite your face, for both parties want to work for the good of the country. And they let petty things, party differences, get in the way and become too big. The president abused his powers at the time of election against the other party so that it created a great noise. Watergate, in other words. (A play on words. The opening of a water gate would make a loud noise.) It was not settled until the president stepped down from his position so that things could be quietened and another put in his place.

I could understand the comparison now. In both cases someone would have to be appointed to fill the office until a president could be duly elected. This is what he meant by the house being uninhabited. There was a period of time, in Watergate and in this future case, when the country was being run by someone who had not been elected by the people.

B: He says that the man who took the office (Gerald Ford) was in a very delicate position, for he had been appointed vice president after the other one had been impeached. Then the president resigned so he became president without ever having received a vote from anybody, except for his constituency in Michigan. He says that particular man (Ford) was in a very uncomfortable position. He did not ask for that to happen to him. He had not aimed for the presidency. The man did well in the circumstances and the way he handled the entire situation on his part caused a lot of good causes for his karma.

D: I understand. The house was inhabited but it was not inhabited by an elected president. This other meaning about the election is more important because the Watergate episode has already passed.-He’ll probably get mad again if I tell him the translation of this quatrain. It says, “Nostradamus seems to have believed in ghosts, because this is a description of a haunted house which is exorcised when the bones of the victim are removed. Perhaps an occupant of the house dreamt of the grave which led to the discovery of a skeleton?”

B: He’s not mad at this point. The image he’s projecting is him rolling all over the floor laughing. He says that if she wants ghosts, he’ll show her ghosts. He’ll come and haunt her in her dreams.

D: She did interpret it quite literally, didn’t she?

B: Yes. He says that’s why this project was instituted. He knew that this would happen.

In all fairness to Ms. Cheetham, many other translators have also thought that this quatrain referred to a haunted house.

I think this is a wonderful example of Nostradamus’ marvelous use of symbolism.

Then some moments after I came across this video from a YouTuber called “Michele Anne Tittler”. If what the source said has any truth to it, what this lady said seems to fill in the blanks, but only time will be the judge of that. (Note, Sept 2, 2021: All what was said by Ms. Tittler have proven to be a nice write up of wishful thinking most likely from Q and his followers. Former president Trump will not go into office anytime soon. He will have to join all the others when presidential time comes again.)

(BattleForWorld, January 20, 2021, 4:17am: The scenario as presented in the video is not likely to fulfill, and is just more of the same nice utterances and wishful thinking. – On January 18 my source said Joe Biden will go in, and just as how the media mocked Trump, they will also mock Joe Biden throughout his administration. The source called Biden, a pocket of lint – meaning things will just gather and pile up. – So it will be the same government bullshit, same economy bullshit, same Foreign Policy bullshit; the position on Venezuela will be the same, the Russian position will be the same; anti-foreign policy against China; as always same pro-Israeli foreign policy. The EU will be told to continue antagonizing Russia, etc.; color revolutions to continue, and the same mantra about United States democracy; – the conflict in Syria and the shenanigans in Afghanistan will continue, etc. The darkness that has taken ahold of the United States, voting cannot fix, and the people can no longer trust politicians, because all the politicians have to answer to the power-group-elites who they are pledged to, to obey. True-leaders for the people are no longer allowed to serve in governments controlled by the elites.)

USA 1871 – 19th President (Note: YouTube sometimes delete videos if found to violate community guidelines. Some say censorship is being enforced.)


Martial Law, and Washington DC protest January 6

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | December 20, 2020: The news media reported on Friday December 19, that President Donald Trump called a meeting in the Oval Office that included lawyer Sidney Powell and her client, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, said two people familiar with the matter, and described the session that began as a spontaneous gathering that got heated on certain points as some of Trump’s aides pushed back on Powell and Flynn’s suggestions about overturning the election.

And apparently, the election thieves are running scared about the possibility regarding the unleashing of some Trump-almighty-power. We shall see.

Days ago Flynn had suggested that Trump could invoke martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the election that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden – reported to be by fraud. 

Also on Friday, President Trump in a Twitter post, said: “… Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”


Why the Texas lawsuit failed?

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | December 17, 2020: Many were disappointed when the Texas lawsuit about the election from the Attorney General Ken Paxton against the four swing states went nowhere. 

The members of the Supreme Court did not want to even hear the case, and according to a news blurb today (December 17) from the Republican Congressman Mike Patrick from Texas, he said he overheard the following: 

“…When the Texas case was brought up, – he said he heard screaming through the walls as Justice Roberts and the other liberal justices were insisting that this case not be taken up. – When Justice Thomas and Justice Alito were sighting Bush vs Gore, – …from John Roberts were, I don’t give #$%* about that case. I don’t want to hear about it. At that time we didn’t have riots. – So what he was saying was that he was afraid of what would happen if they did the right thing. – And I am sorry, but that is moral cowardice.”

Newsmax host Greg Kelly: Interesting. A lot of us have been wondering what are the justices thinking. …Are the justices afraid of riots? That was what the congressman heard. …Could these fine men and women be afraid of riots? Be afraid  of people showing up at their house? …It’s a human emotion. They do have some cases before them, lets see what happens.

I mention January 6, again the mainstream media is not paying much attention to this… …


Former Trump Adviser Says POTUS Could Use Troops to Force Election Redos in Swing States

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | December 18, 2020: Former National Security Adviser to the US president, General Michael Flynn in an interview with Newsmax suggested that Donald Trump could utilize his powers to invoke martial law and use the country’s military in order to force several battleground swing states to carry-out a do-over presidential election. And assert that such a move might be necessary for the US as a country to move on after such an “unsatisfactory” election.

Flynn states: “There is no way in the world we are going to be able to move forward as a nation […] Within the swing states, if [Trump] wanted to, he could take military capabilities, and he could place those in states and basically rerun an election in each of those states.”

Dr. Steve Pieczenick had appeared on Alex Jones’ InfoWar radio (link, here) stating that US military troops were in several states – where mail-in ballots were used to spike the 2020 presidential election using Dominion and SmartMatic machines to favor a Joe Biden win. So apparently what Flynn said, Trump is aware of.

If such should happen as Flynn suggests as a possibility, it is going to be monumental and Earth shattering!

President Trump among Army cadets.

Source, Sputnik.


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