Factions Fighting

The “Factions Fighting” category archives news events that seem rather strange, suggesting that the various elite power factions are feuding using provocations, tit for tat, geopolitical moves, etc:

Trade And Geopolitical Wars: United States And Allies Against China, Russia And Allies

BATTLEFORWORLD - April 7, 2018: The long awaited trade, financial, geopolitical, psychological (fake news), etc. wars have started in force ...
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Money Wars: Will Russia Ditch The Pound If UK Bans Eurobond Sales?

SPUTNIKNEWS - April 1, 2018: In a sign of its political standoff with Moscow spilling over into the realm of ...
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Europe Boycotting Russia’s Fifa World Cup – Geopolitical Psychological Warfare

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about the United States and ...
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UN Security Council Holds Emergency Closed Meeting Over Deadly Israel-Palestine Border Clash

RT - March 30, 2018: An emergency meeting is being held by the UN Security Council after some Muslim states and ...
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London Airport Evacuated After Bus Bursts Into Flames

DAILYSTAR - March 30, 2018: A SHUTTLE BUS has exploded into flames at Stansted airport causing the airport to be evacuated ...
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British Authorities Searching Russian Plane In London Without Giving Reason Is Provocation

RT - March 30, 2018: A plane by Russia's Aeroflot has been searched by British authorities at London Heathrow airport who ...
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