Iran And Israel, The Future Final Battle

Surprise for Israeli F-16s: Iran has deployed Khordad-3 air defense systems in Syria BATTLE FOR WORLD | August 29, 2020: Iran is patiently waiting for Israel's F-16 fighter jets to ...
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Disorder On The World’s Stage – Part 3

Links: 1. Disorder On The World’s Stage - Part 12. Disorder On The World’s Stage - Part 2 United States and Britain worried Russia's vaccine will end pandemic BATTLE FOR ...
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COVID-19, Where Does It End?

View Post No Herd Immunity Against The Virus COVID-19 Will Be Possible  BATTLE FOR WORLD | by DAH, August 1, 2020 (updated): The emissaries working for the ruling elites like ...
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Space War 2020 – US-Israel vs Iran-Russia-China – Part 1

Space War July 2020 - Target Iran with fires and explosions BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 23, 2020: Even through the coronavirus COVID-19 is causing relentless problems in the United ...
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New Wave Of Information War Attack On Russia And China

Moscow to Berlin: 'Stop politicizing' Alexey Navalny's alleged poisoning. Suspect hiding in Germany BATTLE FOR WORLD | September 17, 2020: The Russian Alexey Navalny is being used by the West ...
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Disorder On The World’s Stage – Part 2

Links:1. Disorder On The World’s Stage – Part 13. Disorder On The World’s Stage – Part 3 The LOCKDOWN, Virus PANDEMIC was Planned/Projected in 2010  BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 13, ...
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Biowarfare Using Vaccines

Italian MP Claims Bill Gates Should Be Tried for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ for COVID Vaccine BATTLE FOR WORLD | May 18, 2020: Italian parliament lawmaker and vocal anti-vax activist Sara ...
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Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses Opening Too Soon?

Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses Opening Too Soon? BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 24, 2020: Regarding businesses saying closed to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus: Those who are advocating ...
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Coronavirus Masking United States And China War Fervor

United States increases war talk in media, targeting China BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 22, 2020: President Trump has signed an executive order on March 27 for the deployment of one ...
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Bioweapon Labs

Coronavirus deadly strain returns before the decade is over  BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 23, 2020: The media is reporting that experts are warning that the coronavirus COVID-19 might return ...
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Coronavirus, Economy, etc: News Update from an Elite Source

This post was created to give weekly updates regarding the coronavirus and the impact it is having on the economy, stock market, etc. The blurb entries are directly from a ...
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Disorder On The World’s Stage

Links: 2. Disorder On The World’s Stage - Part 2 3. Disorder On The World’s Stage - Part 3 Henry Kissinger plotted against African Americans BATTLE FOR WORLD | June ...
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Senseless Wars

Shakeup in the International Order of Wars BATTLE FOR WORLD / WORLD ACCORDING TO JESSE | October 21, 2019: The crazy alliances in NATO,...we need to back up and look ...
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Israel At The Crossroads

Israel President: Climate of Vicious Hatred Could Spark Assassination. Israeli Jewish Factions at War BATTLE FOR WORLD / JERUSALEM POST | November 13, 2019: It appears that factions of Israeli ...
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Recession Warnings

The World Economy Sliding Into First Recession Since 2009 BATTLE FOR WORLD / MSN | October 15, 2019: Analysts are concerned that the global economy is wobbling and could collapse; ...
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Civil Disorder, Protests

Ex-Pentagon chief Mattis says bitter politics threaten US Civil Society BATTLE FOR WORLD / AP NEWS | August 30, 2019: Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued a warning that terrible ...
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Forgiving Debt: Credit Cards, Loans, etc.

Chase Bank Forgives All Credit Card Debt For Canadian Customers BATTLE FOR WORLD / YAHOO | August 9, 2019: The article highlights that Canadians with credit card debt owed to ...
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Digital Cash, Microchip

Thousands getting implants in hands to replace cash, credit cards BATTLE FOR WORLD / NEW YORK POST | July 15, 2019: The article highlights that thousands of people in Sweden ...
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Asteroid And Earth

Can we deflect a killer asteroid? BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA | July 9, 2019: The highlight that NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies has detected 1,120 Near-Earth ...
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Renters in Los Angeles, San Francisco opting for bunk beds in communal homes BATTLE FOR WORLD / DAILY MAIL | July 8, 2019: The article highlights that renters in Los ...
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Underground Wall Street, Stock Market

Keiser Report Bitcoin: Ultimate Safe Haven? (E1405) BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | July 7, 2019: The video highlights some of the insider trading that goes on with big banks ...
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Western Countries Stealing Other Countries Money

Gaddafi's Frozen Assets: How UK is Capitalising on the Libyan People's Money BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | July 1, 2019: As the article highlights Belgium's mishandling of Muammar Gaddafi's ...
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Women’s Rights

Soap Ad On Women’s Rights In Pakistan Sparks Row BATTLE FOR WORLD / THE HINDU | June 27, 2019: The article highlights the international detergent brand Ariel caught up in ...
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Europe At The Crossroads

Europe on brink of new refugee crisis ‘EVEN GREATER’ than 2015 – German Interior Minister BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | October 7, 2019: Another wave of refugees and migrants ...
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