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Western-Produced Weapons End Up In Terrorists’ Hands In Syria – The Proof

RT - July 31, 2018: According to an investigation by war correspondent Robert Fisk a large batch of weapons, discovered in formerly terrorist-controlled areas of eastern Aleppo in Syria, came from ...
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Bongino: Russia Probe Is Biggest Scam In Modern US History

FOX NEWS - July 25, 2018: Former Secret Service agent sounds off after documents show the unverified Steele dossier was a factor in the FISA surveillance warrant against Trump campaign adviser ...
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The United States Goal To Create Economic Chaos In Russia Failed

RT - July 25, 2018: In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss a claim, by the IMF’s former guy in Russia, that there 'will never be a ...
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The Council On Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group And The Trilateral Commission

AMPLEX - July 24, 2018: The speaker Paul Hellyer gives a detail summary of the movement that formed after the world war to create an American Empire. He mentions the Council on ...
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The National Debt Scam

COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH -  July 24, 2018: A short video about understanding the Artificial Economy - explains the trickery using cartoon visuals. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of ...
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US Elite Does Not Share Trump’s Intention To Improve Relations With Russia

TASS - July 22, 2018: The article highlights that US President Donald Trump’s plans to improve relations with Russia are not shared by the US elite and his authority is ...
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Israel Evacuates White Helmets From Syria

SPUTNIK NEWS  - July 21, 2018: The article highlights that Israel evacuated nearly 800 White Helmets personnel and their families from the southwest of Syria to Jordan, where they will ...
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Coming ‘Labor Shortage’ In America Is Great News For Workers

More companies dropping college degree requirement for new hires FOX BUSINESS - September 10, 2018: The article highlights that more and more companies are scrapping college degree requirements for jobs ...
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The Era Of Deglobalization

RT - June 7, 2018: In this special double header episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss an era in which Germany once again is at the center of ...
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One Big Central Bank To Go Bust In 2018 – 2019

RT - July 5, 2018: In this final episode of the Keiser Report from Paris, France, Max and Stacy discuss stock market investors acting as if a genuine trade war ...
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America In Color: The 1920s (Full Episode)

SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL - July 4, 2018: The 1920s was an era of vibrant times and colorful characters. For the first time, we present the Roaring '20s in color, from Ford's assembly ...
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Secrets Of The CIA – Documentary

DOCUMENTARY TUBE - July 2, 2018: Secrets of the CIA released in 1998, about CIA's top secrets revealed for former employees. - "The background of the Central Intelligence Agency is ...
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Stock Market Manipulation – Regulators And Insiders

RT - June 25, 2018: Keiser Report: Market Manipulation (E1243) - In this episode of the Keiser Report from Dublin, Ireland, Max and Stacy discuss the ‘special place in hell’ for those ...
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Benjamin Fulford – Secret Battle For The Planet. Update Rewind March 4, 2016

911 TRUTH - June 25, 2018: (BattleForWorld: Benjamin Fulford's speech given on March 4, 2016 after the U.S. presidential election, about the ongoing "secret battle" for the planet, summarizes main points ...
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Political Disagreements Could Lead To Breakdown Of NATO

RT - June 21, 2018: The NATO Secretary General is warning that political disputes and infighting risk tearing the international military alliance apart. But, at a speech in London, Jens Stoltenberg ...
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Divine Intervention? Trump Administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions Citing Bible To Justify Family Separation; Migrant And Refugee Crisis; The Council Of 7 Men

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about what was foretold in a proclamation written down in 1979 regarding how the Christian ...
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Dangerous For US Experts To Appear Sympathetic To Russia. Maybe A Climatic Disaster Will Bring Both Together

RT - June 19, 2018:  Robert English, former policy analyst at the US Defense Department, welcome to the show. It’s really great to have you with us. SS: Let’s hope, ...
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Benjamin Fulford – Debt, Ruling Elites Destroying Planet, The Attack On Japan. Interview Rewind March 16, 2011

SKANKIN CAT - June 17, 2018: Dated interview with Benjamin Fulford about debt, US dollar, the ruling elites destroying planet, the attack on Japan, earthquake machine, etc. appearance on Project ...
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Benjamin Fulford – David Rockefeller’s Passing & The Power Vacuum Created. Interview March 31, 2018

SKANKIN' CAT - June 15, 2018: American Freedom Radio with Chuck Ochelli interviews Benjamin Fulford about David Rockefeller dated March 31, 2018. END ...
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Starbucks Requires BA To Serve Coffee

DR. RICHARD WOLFF - June 9, 2018: I sat in a Starbucks, the one on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue (in New York, United States)... I was ...
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The Coming Economic Collapse

Business economists worry about possible recession in 2020 AP NEWS - June 4, 2018: The article highlights that a group of top business economists believes the major tax cuts President Donald ...
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Bilderberg Group – The Ruling Elites, Shadow Planning World Domination

Bilderberg 2018: Populist Uprising, U.S. Midterms, 'Post-Truth World' INFO WARS - June 5, 2018: Bilderberg globalists are concerned about the populist uprising sweeping Europe. The annual elitist confab is set to ...
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Foreign Meddling? George Soros Spreads Influence All Over The Planet

CALEB MAUPIN -  May 27, 2018:  Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and in Latin America ...
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Benjamin Fulford – Update March 30, 2018

UNIVER MRS - May 27, 2018: Benjamin Fulford in this update explains some of the things currently ongoing on the world's scene and where things stand at the moment. He offers ...
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