Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses Opening Too Soon?

BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 24, 2020: Regarding businesses saying closed to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus: Those who are advocating this should know that we live in a money-driven world that puts profit before people and not humanistic gestures.

To all who are suggesting this, that businesses should remain closed, must make clear their thoughts, that the banks and the bill collectors…should prepare statements regarding the length of time that debtors are given to halt payments of bills until the coronavirus has peaked and is under control.

Also, food suppliers and retailers will have to give their support, regarding price stabilization/reduction of food items available for purchase, and the government will have to put in place food supply locations so people can freely obtain food items while under quarantine.

The government should make preparations to put in place an understanding to the banks, bill collectors, etc. regarding compensation for their support in helping so they can recoup some of their loses due to the humanitarian gesture they have offered to give the population through the crisis until the coronavirus pandemic is under control. But no, we have not dealt with the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and yet you have banks and businesses asking for bailout and compensation monies, and none of them have made any humanitarian gestures. Is capitalism a greedy and selfish system?

With that said, to be honest, I do not believe that the banks, the bill connectors, etc. are human-caring in their thoughts to offer such reprieve, because it was not apart of their foundation in profit-making, and so suffering continues. And to those who are saying businesses should not open so soon, understand that people do not survive on air alone and live nowhere.